Saturday, September 27, 2008

"I don't worry about happiness. It's an empty word anyway. Happiness, unhappiness, it's all the same. They should not be in the dictionary" - I think this is a fantastic quote among many others in Cronicle of a Summer by Jean Rouch and Edgar Morrin, an experiment for cinema verite.

Learning to fuck (reference to Cx.Sh. magazine)

After month and a half war is still an issue. Of course. no surprises. But it has really faded away. Emotions have deffinitely faded away. But what's left after the emotions? The same routine life that was before the war. The same blaming against Russia, the same nationalistic self-satisfaction. And the government taking no responsibility for what has happened. Neither the majority of people taking any responsibility for what has happened. And another 'wave' of propaganda music videos.

It is sad how primitive life can turn sometimes. At times I thought it was just me being primitive. Now I think it's a characteristic of every single person. The communication between people here is so fregile. I'm tired of misinterpretations. I want the myth of magnificent Georgian nation, as percieved here by many, be completely broken down. I want to see frustrated faces uttering confirmation of their mistakes.

I feel sad to see that magazine cover basically saying Fuck Putin while we the people living in Georgia fucked ourselves (well yes, Putin is also an issue of course, but not of Georgian national judgment). Why does everything has to turn political.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Today I found a book entitled "Hard to Be Georgian, but Essential" written by Father Giorgi, a blind priest - "qartveloba dznelia, magram aucilebeli" (please tell me how to type in Georgian on this blog). I would love to read about the essentiality of being Georgian. I find this crazy and scary.
Today I found one more person who shares my point of view. She suggested to do something. What? 'do something' is so abstract and does not lead anywhere.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

my first blog

A month has passed since the war is over. But it's not all over yet. This blog is to express how desperate I am living in this country. Here, I want to protest and explain.