Thursday, April 2, 2009


No, all these demonstrations in Georgia, all these the same, and then some fundamentalist orthodox fanatics holding a demonstration that they are deprived from their religion, that misha should go, that 'why', that 'jos', that 'dzirs', etc. are just stupid. It does not go anywhere. This political and religious shit. This new slogan 'Why?' is just oriented on past. 'Why' does govermnet stink? Because the same people who oppose it once supported it. No individual responsibility and this going-nowhere question 'Why'. I suppose 'Kmara'(enough), was also oriented on past when Misha came to power, but it had some connotation about the future as well. But all these problems that we think we've been having for the last twenty years actually have nothing to do with politics and the government. And religion is just an outcome. An outcome of BRAINS of these people completely oriented on past and on an absurd demand of the present.

I am having an awful desire to go out in the street naked with a megaphone and preach that church just makes people blind. I wish I was a stranger to have that courage. But it will come.

CULTURAL REVOLUTION will come in Georgia! All those who demand orthodox fundumentalism and political absurdity will have a huge brain shock. Of course they will resist, but that's the challenge. They will be like little insects trying to achieve something, but their time will be gone. It will be time to of individual knowledge, individual responsibility, individual freedom.

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