Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Tonight I decided to write about change. Is change anything that will every come to this place? I've been happy that I'm part of a process, part of a change. That it's interesting. And then I've realised that it has always been like that, it has always been a process without any actual change. Just a circle. No, not even a circle, one unmoving spot.

This evening it struck back that there is a change... But change towards the worst. I realised I was admitting this. Change towards living in a real authoritarian country. Moreover, a country with constant warfare (readiness for warfare), rather, a region settled by people who hate each other, ethnicities, who think they are the only true ones.

This is the perfect environment for radicalism - the radical enslavement and probably the radical protest (is this where terrorist attacks come from?). Can radicalism change things, I mean the way we live in this country? But the thing is that it is not only this country. It's the whole environment around it - Abkhazia, South Ossetia, North Caucasian autonomous, Karabakh, Azerbaijan and Armenia - a region that has been through wars for two decades recently. What is the state of mind in this kind of environment. Is war a way to conserve things, boil it on high heat?

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