Thursday, October 2, 2008

Monopoly on truth

Looking back in my notes I found an expression a friend of mine once used: "monopoly on truth".

Some individuals, moreover, some institutions claim they have monopoly on truth. The church obviously claims monopoly on truth. People who follow the church in Georgia also claim this truth, relyin to their inspirer church. The political idology preached in Georgia also claims monopoly on truth and those high position officials, including the very high one, claim absolute monopoly on truth.

These "thruth"s intersect and while the civil monopoly on truth is weaker than the religion one in terms of followers, Georgia is an informal theocratic country eventually approved by mrevli (church followers), representing majority of 'the electorate'. During, rather right after the war, the church appeared to be much more effective than the government gaining even more authority.

I remember watching TV those days and there was this woman in the church yard making this emotional, crazy statement: "I feel... I feel that St. Marry has not abandoned us" (ve vgrdznob... me vgrdznob rom chven ghvtismshobelma ra migvatova). And this was in the news.

Today I saw portrait of patriarch of Georgian orthodox church Ilia II on a laptop destop of one of the journalists.

Welcome to THE Truth.

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