Thursday, October 30, 2008

My towed box

As my car was sitting on the back of a bigger car, I was sitting in front, in that bigger car, next to a thin talkative driver smoking a cigarette without putting ashes away. The seat was stinky, to be honest, and I had my window open and my ear covered with scarf not to get cold as we drove the embankment. There was this large car mirror reflecting me. And I was thinking that the hardest thing to film, is to film myself.

While my car was being fixed, I had a chance to walk. Today I realised that I had been closed in this four wheel box and today I saw people. In that underground I crossed, everything was the way I had last seen several years ago. The same kind of high heel, up to the knee black boots were being sold. The same kind of characters, the same stereotypical beggars. If it were winter, it would have been more the same, because winter is the most vivid feeling I remember from years ago.

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Anonymous said...

The post is about difference between pedestrians and drivers or thinkers and non-thinkers?