Friday, November 7, 2008

A year after Nov7

This sticker got popular last year - because of immediate reaction and a good source for the image. After a year, does Nov7 still carry the same meaning as it had last year?

Today on TV there was this staged scene:

Cameras lined in one end of a living room. At the table of this seemingly poor apartment a thin man stands. Reportedly, he was brutally injured last year. He was the worst case, they said. That means he was extremely bitten up. And then, from a door in front of the cameras, the president walks in. As the flashes from photo cameras go, the 'former aggressor' and the 'victim' shake hands smiling to each other. The president asks: does it still heart? The man says 'no, no', with his nose almost touching his breast, meaning no, no, it's ok, don't worry... Then the president tells him, now, we have learnt the lesson...

This whole play looked so cynical. It was like the president shitting on that man and that man saying, I love when you shit on me and then learn a lesson from it. That has to do something with demands for self-sacrifice.

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