Monday, November 3, 2008

I returned home depressed today. I don't feel like smiling and I'm rude. I should change that. I wonder how I will live when I'm old and retired. How will I have money. I doubt I will have pension. I think the best is to buy some nice real estate by the end of my productive years and live on that income.

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Nino E. said...

I like your blog; I like to feel like you do, I like to see with your eyes, I like to understand you… And I really understand you, because I live next to you in the same society, in the same state… I like your Protest as well and I am happy for the revenge you have promised… But... but I saw you today being happy for your new Camera… I think, our little or big joys of life make us stronger, we need them, and they are useful. Please write your positive feelings too, I personally need them in order to better see the whole picture of our existence here, they are like light spots making empty darkness into a photograph. :) Nino E.